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Mme Alexandra



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I'm happy to finally be able to offer you stamps to identify your specialist periods in your planners!!

This stamp allows you to identify your periods for music lessons.

The black ink is already on the stamp.


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Here is a list of


How do I fill the ink in my stamp?

Here are the different steps for filling:

1. Place the stamp upside down on a flat surface (the ink pad should be pointing toward the sky).

2. Remove the stamp cap and carefully pour a few drops of ink onto the ink pad (enough so that the ink pad is covered with ink).

3. Leave the stamp in this position for 10 to 15 minutes until as much ink as possible soaks into the ink pad.

4. Use a dry cloth and wipe off excess ink.

5.Your stamp is now ready to use!

What are the dimensions of the stamps?

The dimensions for the different stamps are as follows:

• Round Stamp: 33mm

• Rectangle stamp (small): 15mm x 45mm

• Rectangle stamp (large): 25mm x 60mm